Mar 24 • 55M

Episode 20: Interview Tips from Product Managers That Hire Product Managers

The inside scoop on what product managers are looking for in product manager interviews.

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Product Happy Hour
🧐 New to product management? Considering becoming a PM? Miss happy hour in our new remote/hybrid work world? Join us for Product Happy Hour 🍻🎙, where you can do happy hour in your sweatpants! 🎉 Drink with your favorite product people, Ajay Waghray and Era Johal, while learning more about building great products. Support this podcast at
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Join us for happy hour in your sweatpants! 🍻 In this episode, Era and Ajay provide the inside scoop about what product managers that hire other product managers are looking for. We know a lot of people that are impacted by the recent layoffs, hopefully these tips and tricks are helpful for those of y'all actively interviewing.

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✍🏾 Show Notes

00:00 Summary of episode

00:22 Intro

03:20 What's That Drink?!

04:52 Drinking Game: Practice

05:40 Key Traits of PMs We Gave the Job To

22:38 What are the Main parts of the PM interview

31:28 Preparing for Product Manager Interviews

32:28 How to prepare with 2 weeks out

41:44 How to prepare with 6 months out

46:37 How to approach rejection and negotiation

53:19 Outro

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