Product Happy Hour
Product Happy Hour
Episode 21: Product Teardown - Signos!

Episode 21: Product Teardown - Signos!

A longer version of our Product Teardown segments because we just love Signos so much.

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice.

Join us for happy hour in your sweatpants! 🍻 In this episode, Era and Ajay tear down their new favorite product: Signos! They walk through how to break down a product’s experience and strategy with Signos, the CGM app that they can’t stop talking about.

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✍🏾 Show Notes

00:00 Intro & Drinks

3:18 What is Signos?

6:55 product tear down starts: target audience

09:23 Signos competition & differentiators

14:07 Defining features and user benefits

19:22 Pricing uniqueness & distribution

24:15 Design & ease of use

30:16 Data accuracy, precision

34:00 AI Insights & data management

38:55 Price to value ratio

43:46 How we’d change the Signos product strategy

45:26 Our net promoter score for Signos

Product Happy Hour
Product Happy Hour
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