Product Happy Hour
Product Happy Hour
Episode 10: ⏱ 7 Time Hacks for Product Managers

Episode 10: ⏱ 7 Time Hacks for Product Managers

7 ways to manage your time more effectively as a very busy PM!

🍻 Join us for happy hour in your sweatpants! In this episode, we reveal 7 time hacks for PMs! Era and Ajay are here to provide 7 non-filtered time hacks for PMs that are very busy folks. You'll learn about how to make space for critical tasks, how to eliminate unnecessary work without getting fired, and how to make it win-win.

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✍🏾 Show Notes

00:00 Intro


08:46 1. Block out focus time on your calendar

13:31 2. Find work to do during status meetings

17:50 3. Use already scheduled meetings

22:02 4. Determine your priorities, CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL

27:18 5. Delegate to your team

30:08 6. Use calendar as to-do list

36:43 7. Keep running decks

40:03 Cool Product Thing: Yelp's Quote Feature

43:36 Outro

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Product Happy Hour
Product Happy Hour
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