Oct 21, 2022 • 34M

Episode 11: 🧪 A User Testing Primer for Product Managers

We cover the common flavors of user testing and hot tips for PMs on how best to participate.

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Product Happy Hour
Ajay Waghray
Era Johal
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🍻 Join us for happy hour in your sweatpants! In this episode, Era and Ajay are here to provide a non-filtered perspective on user testing. We provide a primer on user testing, along with 5 hot tips for PMs on how best to participate!

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✍🏾 Show Notes

00:00 Intro

01:24 Episode overview

01:46 What's That Drink?!

02:44 Drinking game: drink on the word "bias"

02:56 User testing definitions

06:08 What is NOT user testing

09:59 What does user testing do for you and your product?

17:13 Tools of the Trade

24:36 5 hot tips for Product Managers to participate in user testing

27:48 Cool Product Thing: Zero Fasting App Activity Tracker

31:10 Outro

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